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Educate your patients about root canal treatment procedure

Monday, July 27   Posted in General Dentistry  by admin  Tagged #Parent education, #Root canal treatment

root canal treatment

Root canal therapy basically aims at saving an inflamed, infected and decayed natural tooth which cannot be restored through the provision of dental fillings. When dental caries spreads through the dentinal portion of tooth structure involving the vital pulp tissues, it becomes necessary to perform thorough cleaning and disinfection of the root canals followed by restoration with an inert material. There are various misconceptions and misunderstandings in common folks regarding the procedure and consequences of saving teeth through this procedure. Patient education and motivation about the indications and painless procedure of this treatment is essential prior to commence it.

Root canal therapy is among the most common dental health care procedures carried out by dentists throughout the world. Complete medical history, dental history, clinical and radiographic examination is carried out prior to initiate the treatment of affected tooth. Preoperative peri-apical radiograph is necessary to have complete knowledge regarding the curvature, angulations and condition of tooth’s roots and root canals. Dental health care professionals perform painless root canal treatment under profound local anesthesia and anxiety control protocol. The following article answers various concerns and questions which come in your mind about this specialized dental treatment.

Root canal treatments cause anxiety in the majority of Americans so it is important to take the proper steps to understand and address these concerns with your patients.

Even with the innovative advances in dental health technology, many people still fear specialized dental procedures such as root canal treatments. In fact, according to the American Academy of Endodontists, 70% of Americans fear having a root canal done. This means dentists and endodontists have a huge opportunity to educate patients and provide helpful insight to relieve anxiety and fear.

It is important to properly educate patients about root canal procedures because it will increase the percentage of people who seek and complete treatment and help them prevent further tooth damage and pain. In some instances, patients become so anxious about an upcoming root canal treatment that they may decide to postpone the procedure or cancel it completely. As a dentist or endodontist, there are many ways you can work with patients to assess their level of anxiety about a procedure and address their fears so they feel comfortable about the treatment.