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Extra white teeth can also ruin your smile value

Thursday, August 13   Posted in Uncategorized  by admin  Tagged #teeth whitening, #unrealistic patient expectations

extra White teeth

Nowadays people have become extremely conscious regarding the quality of their smiles. They wish to have snow white teeth in order to produce charming and attractive glowing smile. Studies

have shown that television advertisements and magazine pages showing extra whiteness of teeth have played an important role in this regard. Dental health care professionals are finding it extremely difficult to fulfill the demands of their patients as majority of magazines are using different editing programs and imaging software to produce these whitening effects. They are of the opinion that this practice must be stopped as these are producing unrealistic patient expectations. Furthermore extra white teeth do not match with the skin color of majority of individuals and resultant changes are not always esthetic in the long run.

Human teeth are basically yellowish white in their true color. Pure whiteness is not a true characteristic of natural dentition. Main aim of cosmetic and esthetic dentistry is to achieve the natural color of teeth. Various teeth whitening and bleaching procedures should focus on achieving this true goal. However, modern day cosmetic treatments and equipment are fabricated keeping in mind the target of achieving whitish and brighter pearly white teeth. The need of the time is to make people aware of the true characteristics and requirements of the natural human dentition instead of the race of achieving too white teeth at the expense of nature’s sense of beautiful smile. This article focuses upon defining the true needs of cosmetic dentistry and modern day fallacies regarding teeth whitening techniques.

In offices around the country, dentists are having a hard time keeping up with the demand for brighter, whiter teeth. Patients come in, and many have unrealistic expectations regarding just how white their teeth can become, say dentists.

We can blame it on the advertising industry for Photoshopping teeth, turning them into snow white specimens, or on the entertainment world for outfitting actors and actresses with porcelain veneers. We can even blame the dental industry for its constant promise of whiter teeth if someone just gets the right treatment. From whitening toothpaste to at-home whitening kits to procedures at the dentist’s office, we’re led to believe that perfect pearly whites are just a few easy steps away.

For those who do desire whiter teeth, but who don’t want to take part in using the countless whitening products on the market that bleach the area, teeth experts recommend avoiding foods that are known to cause staining such as coffee, tea, red wine and soda. Or, if those foods are consumed, rinsing your mouth with water right after drinking or eating can help reduce the effect.