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Harmful effects of excessive intake of refined carbohydrates and synthetic sugars

Thursday, August 20   Posted in Uncategorized  by admin  Tagged #dentist in Chandler Arizona, #Refined carbohydrates or synthetic sugars 

harmful teeth effect

Dental caries or dental decay is considered to be a chronic infectious disease involving the de-mineralization of tooth minerals in addition to the disintegration of tooth proteins. The whole process when advances above a certain stage results in the formation of distinct tooth cavities further harbouring microorganisms and can spread to involve adjacent teeth if left untreated and unchecked. Dental caries requires the presence of certain associated risk factors for its development on tooth surfaces. Research over the decades has shown that certain microorganisms are responsible for the occurrence of tooth decay but these agents cannot do so alone. Your dentist in Chandler Arizona has found that these microorganisms require the 

presence of certain nutrients for their growth which are most often provided by refined carbohydrates or synthetic sugars in everyday diet. These sugars are sticky in nature and are not washed away or cleaned through simple mouth rinsing with water. These require the institution of regular tooth brushing with dentist prescribed tooth brushes and dentifrices in addition to the use of dental floss in between teeth.

Refined carbohydrates or synthetic sugars have the propensity to undergo metabolic breakdown to produce dietary acids which can cause loss of tooth surface enamel minerals such as calcium ions. Artificial sweeteners and acidic beverages in our diet can also cause loss of minerals once they come in contact with tooth for prolonged periods of time. Only regular cleaning of tooth surfaces and refraining from the excessive use of acidic beverages can prevent the occurrence of loss of tooth minerals. In addition to their harmful effects on oral and dental health, excessive use of synthetic sugars can affect general and systemic health. Your dentist in Chandler Arizona has found a strong association with abnormalities of blood pressure, lowering of immunity and increased occurrence of obesity with excessive use of refined carbohydrates and synthetic sugars. The following article describes beneficial information regarding harmful effects of sugars on your dental and general health.

If you have a habit of eating sweets round the clock, you might want to rethink it. Apart from opening the door to various dental problems, this habit also jeopardises your overall health. This is because sweets are loaded with sugar, and research is showing that sugar is practically poisonous to our bodies, much worse than even salt. It’s okay to eat a little bit of sugar, since it fuels your brain and gives you energy, but too much is definitely harmful.

You normally chew your food and swallow it, so it is no longer in your mouth. When you eat sweets however, you tend to suck on them endlessly. As a result, your teeth are bathed in sugar for hours at a time. Since sugar is easily digestible, the harmful bacteria in your mouth feast on it and multiply rapidly. These bacteria can cause a range of dental problems that include cavities, enamel erosion, gum disease and tooth decay.

Before sugar enters your bloodstream, it passes through your liver, which breaks it down. If you eat a lot of sweets, your liver has to work overtime to process the sugar and convert it into fat. Over time, some of the particles of fat get stuck in the liver, leading to fatty liver disease.

When it comes to sweets and candy, it’s hard to eat just one piece, right? They’re so small that you don’t realise how many you’re actually eating. You start with one or two, then eat a few more, and before you know it you’ve eaten a whole handful. These sweets consist of empty calories that are digested quickly and actually use up your body’s minerals during digestion. They have no proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals or enzymes.