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How should I brush my teeth?

Monday, July 6   Posted in Cosmetic Dentistry  by admin  Tagged #oral health, #tooth brushing

brush teeth

Regular tooth brushing and use of dental floss ensure meticulous oral hygiene maintenance. However, most people complain of poor oral hygiene and bad breath in spite of performing twice daily tooth brushing with a good quality tooth brush and dentist prescribed tooth paste. They suffer from bleeding swollen gums and discolored teeth. People lack motivation in carrying out oral hygiene maintenance procedures due to this reason. It is a great challenge for the dental health care professionals to detect the specific cause for this occurrence and guide their patients 

in this regard. Various studies have shown that improper tooth brushing technique accounts for this problem in majority of patients.

Dental health care professionals should make it a routine procedure during dental consultation visits to educate their patients with regard to proper tooth brushing techniques and selection of optimum quality tooth brushes. Force applied upon the tooth brush during cleaning teeth is not that important as compared to the direction of bristles touching the gums and teeth. it is essential to clean all surfaces of teeth applying optimum force in the correct direction. Salivary gland ducts open in the area of lingual surfaces of lower front teeth and cheek sides of the upper molar teeth. it is extremely necessary to meticulously clean these surfaces as higher salivary concentration can cause more calculus deposition here. The following article focuses upon the correct technique for cleaning your teeth.

After flossing, moisten your toothbrush with water and apply a thin strip of toothpaste.

Try to choose one that contains fluoride.