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How should you brush your teeth?

Friday, July 31   Posted in General Dentistry  by admin  Tagged #tooth brushing, @oral hygiene maintenance

brush your teeth

Prevention of dental caries is extremely important for small children as well as teenagers and adults. Dental caries is an infectious disease which if left unchecked, can result in harmful consequences of tooth loss and loss of alveolar bone height for future artificial replacement restorations. The only practical method for the prevention of tooth decay and damage is maintenance of meticulous oral hygiene. Dental health care professionals must put emphasis on patient education, awareness and motivation regarding application of home oral hygiene measures such as regular tooth brushing twice daily especially at night before going to bed and use of dental floss threads soon after taking meals. Complete and thorough cleaning of all the tooth surfaces with the help of a soft tooth brush and dentist prescribed fluoridated tooth paste 

can help in preventing dental decay development.

The most important point in regular tooth brushing is the technique or method used to clean your teeth. Make sure to ask your dental health care professionals to give you a clear and thorough demonstration regarding the proper method of brushing teeth. do not use excessive to and fro or back and forth movements for cleaning teeth as these can cause more damage to your teeth when compared with their beneficial role. People often miss palatal surfaces of maxillary teeth and lingual surfaces of lower teeth and perform hasty tooth brushing within a few minutes time period. Ensure cleaning of all tooth surfaces especially areas of connection between the gums and teeth with a vibratory movement at first followed by linear strokes. The following article provides valuable information regarding the use of tooth brushing methods to ensure clean and healthy mouth.

Brush your teeth together as a family – good oral care is learned from our parents.

The last brush at night is the most important because we lose the protective and washing effects of saliva during sleep and plaque bacteria left on the teeth thrive in this environment, damaging gums and teeth.

The smaller the brush head, the easier it is to access the back of the mouth and the inside surfaces down by the tongue. Medium to soft filaments are the most effective and least damaging to the teeth and gums.

Fluoride in toothpastes protect the teeth from acid attack and continues to work after brushing.