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Non-invasive appliance therapy for TMJ pain

Sunday, June 28   Posted in General Dentistry  by admin  Tagged #TMJ disorders, #TMJ pain

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Nowadays people want to be at the top wherever they work or study. The air of competition has made it extremely important to work hard and regularly in order to combat the challenges and difficulties encountered during work at your office or studying in your classes. Proportion of persons undergoing stress and depression has been increased to an alarming ratio. Dental health care professionals are reporting an increased ratio of TMJ disorders having stress and depression as the major risk factor. TMJ disorders are basically a large group of manifestations which can be summarized as the feeling and occurrence of pain, discomfort in addition to audible sounds, limited mouth opening and clicks from the joints during eating, drinking, yawning, 

speaking and other daily activities.

It is extremely necessary to detect and diagnose TMJ pain dysfunction condition early in its occurrence. Late screening often necessitates invasive surgical therapies with additional adverse effects. Prevention is always the better option and reducing stress in your life should remain the mainstream management plan. Always sleep adequately, do not take stress and try to remain calm. Pharmacological help prescribed by your psychiatrist helps a lot. Dental health care professionals advise various exercises to reduce discomfort. Splint therapy is very helpful in majority of patients who grind their teeth at night. Recent advancements in TMJ pain disorder treatment focus to restore the normal functioning of the joint and one such therapy has been explained in this article.

TMJ disorder can be uncomfortable, annoying — even painful — and there are limited to no affordable, natural solutions to fix the problem… until now! One San Diego Natural Dentist is leading the way with a revolutionary new TMJ solution.

“I’ve been using TMJ NextGeneration myself for a couple of months now and it provides amazing biofeedback, helping the body naturally eliminate the cause of most TMJ pain,” states founder Dr. Marvin, a holistic dentist.

Most dentists offer expensive, intrusive appliances for TMJ problems, or expensive, invasive surgery. But the root cause — the positioning of the jaw for most people — isn’t correctly rectified, making the treatments temporary at best.

TMJ NextGeneration is a small hollow device that fits into your ears. Your ear is loaded with nerve endings, and when your jaw slides back — as it typically does when you suffer TMJ problems — your canal closes slightly. With the earpiece in your ear, your body feels the action as it happens and naturally pushes your jaw back to its normal position.