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Stop dental decay through dental sealants

Wednesday, May 20   Posted in General Dentistry  by admin  Tagged #Dental sealants

dental decay

Dental caries is an infectious disease which results in rapid decay of tooth structure. Good oral hygiene maintenance is essential for the prevention of dental decay. However, dental caries can develop in spite of meticulous oral hygiene care in caries susceptible pits and fissures on the 

surfaces of teeth. These areas are not self-cleansing and can harbor food particles and caries causing bacterial products. Acid production in pits and fissures goes unchecked and process progresses rapidly.

Dental sealants have been developed in order to make these caries prone deep areas self-cleansable. Pits and fissure sealants are basically unfilled dental resins or glass ionomer cements with low viscosity and high flow rate. The dental sealants have the ability to flow down in deep and narrow fissures and fill them completely. This prevents the ingress and habitation of caries causing microorganisms. Pits and fissure sealants also result in blocking the nutrient supply of microorganism already present within these areas. A marked decrease in the incidence of dental caries has been observed due to the application of dental sealants over the years.

If you’re troubled by tooth decay but don’t know how to deter the damage, it’s time to discover dental sealants. This treatment can defend you from tooth decay and guard you from its pain problems. See how sealants can save your smile.

The Powerful Protection of Dental Sealants – Two of the biggest breakthroughs in the history of dental health have been fluoride and dental sealants. While fluoride is the first step in guarding teeth from the dangers of decay, a teeth sealant adds to the benefits of fluoride to provide total protection. How does this dental wonder work? The treatment is used to seal teeth with a plastic coating to provide a protective barrier that keeps decay at bay.

The Right Age to Get Dental Sealants – Children are prime targets for tooth decay because the chewing surfaces of their teeth tend to have deep grooves where food particles and bacteria can collect and cause cavities. The procedure is ideally performed on newly erupted teeth, both baby teeth to protect young children, and permanent ones to help older kids and teens. But dental sealants can be applied at any age and should be re-applied over the years as they wear away with time. Regular applications are required to ensure long-term protection.