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Teeth whitening can enhance your face value

Monday, June 8   Posted in Uncategorized  by admin  Tagged #teeth whitening

teeth whitening

Smile increases your face value and teeth make an important component of your overall smile. Symmetrical and brighter teeth matching the whiteness of your eyes are considered aesthetic. Stained and discolored teeth result in loss of smile value, confidence at work and interest in daily social activities. Teeth whitening procedures have been developed in order to provide you natural smile but these procedures have some limitations and drawbacks as well. Most teeth whitening procedures are professionally performed by dental health care professionals in multiple visits and patient compliance is poor in this regard. Inability to attend the sessions regularly leads to poor results.

Furthermore, teeth whitening procedures often can result in post operative hypersensitivity in those teeth which are already sensitive or have gum recession. Unrealistic patient expectations can also result in patient dissatisfaction. Hypersensitivity following tooth bleaching can be a bigger problem. Frequent touch ups are necessary to maintain the achieved results. The following article describes a new device for achieving whiter and brighter teeth. The piece of information also gives a brief account of acne and wrinkle treatment.

I’ve had my fair share of bad skin days, and tried more than my fair share of beauty fixes but this new Silk’n gadget wins hands down for me.

It’s a hand-held device which uses blue light therapy and infa-red heat to blast acne-causing bacteria, and hinders overactive oil glands by dehydrating them.

Blue light has been used my dermatologists for years as an effective acne treatment, but this is one of the first at-home systems.

Every night, you hold the device over problem areas – which feels satisfyingly warm – for three minutes, and within three to seven weeks of use, watch your spots shrink into nothing.

I’ve learned the hard way that my teeth are far, far too sensitive for normal whitening methods. Crest Whitestrips, for example, have reduced me to a weeping wreck, so when this new kit turned up on my door step, I backed carefully away.

Getting there is a bit of a faff, and essentially involves painting your teeth with two separate zinc oxide gels and biting into a silicone mouth guard, which you then attach to a boomerang shaped device that beams blue light onto your teeth.

The EZ One Step Gel Polish – which costs £10 and comes in 30 shades – is a base, colour and topcoat in one, so you just paint on one coat as you would with regular polish. You then wack your nails under the UV lamp, which costs £15.99, for a few minutes, and voila.