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Invisalign in Chandler AZ

Innovations and improvements in the field of dentistry have been rapid in the past few decades resulting in the development of various new and simple treatment techniques with better and more rapid results. Among the disciplines of dental sciences, orthodontics is considered to be the most technical with the use of wires and bracket systems for the enhancement of person’s profile and facial beauty. Alignment and proportion of natural teeth can affect the overall architecture of a human face. Heavy metallic brackets are the conventional treatment of choice for bringing about a change in the direction and angulations of teeth in order to straighten them in case of rotated and mal-aligned teeth. People especially teenagers often find it difficult and somewhat embarrassing to cope with the presence of metallic braces glued to their teeth imparting an unaesthetic appearance. Many people refrain from getting orthodontic treatment for this reason. These metallic braces or brackets give them a feeling of humiliation in their social gatherings and school functions.

Dr Sandhya Anantuni and her team at Anantuni Family Dental located in Chandler Arizona have been using the latest Invisalign aligner orthodontic treatment system in order to minimize the problems faced with the heavy metallic bracket systems by Invisalign tray being put onpatients.  Eating and chewing food particles in the presence of heavy metallic bracket systems can also be a dilemma for many children. These metallic brackets cause discomfort and pain upon chewing and biting food particles. Another drawback of the metallic bracket systems is their tendency to get dislodged on chewing sticky foods. Patients need to visit the dentist for tightening of brackets and replacement of different treatment wires after a few weeks regularly. Missed appointments are prone to lengthen the estimated treatment time period for sure. In addition to all these dilemmas, maintenance of oral hygiene conditions on part of the patient are extremely necessary with conventional metallic bracket systems, otherwise tooth decay and eventually, loss of tooth can occur with time.

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Invisalign aligner orthodontic treatment system used at Anantuni Family Dental does not pose these threats to our patients. The Invisalign aligner treatment concept focuses upon the use of transparent and invisible looking specialized aligner appliances for the sole purpose of orthodontic correction of your mal-aligned and mal-posed teeth. These invisible aligner appliances are easily removable and can be placed and removed from the mouth whenever you want to. The transparent, removable and invisible nature of these Invisalign aligner appliances helps you in your social gatherings and school functions. You can leave them behind for a few hours or can wear them as they are not quite visible like heavy metallic brackets. The Invisalign aligners preserve your self-esteem in addition to restoring and correcting your teeth as these are functionally equal to conventional systems. These appliances can be cleaned easily due to their removable property. The Invisalign aligners are an important component of modern cosmetic dentistry.

The Invisalign aligner appliances constructed through a custom fabrication procedure. an impression of the teeth and associated soft tissues is taken by our expert dental professionals at Anantuni Family Dental which is used to make a model for laboratory purposes. Model is sent to an efficient dental laboratory with necessary instruction. State of the art Invisalign aligners fabricated from the dental technician are inserted in your mouth and checked. You will be given a presentation regarding their use at home. The set of Invisalign aligners are replaced after every two weeks with a new impression. The treatment progress can be easily evaluated with these appliances and in case you have missed an appointment, these appliances act retainers holding your teeth in the progressive stage. A virtual 3 D treatment planning presentation can be provided on the basis of Invisalign aligners during orthodontic therapy.

Invisalign aligners system carries out orthodontic correction easily in people with crowded and spaced teeth, open bites, cross bites, midline shifts and orthodontic treatment relapse. Visit us at Anantuni Family Dental located at Chandler AZ, call us today at 480-821-4000 or visit our website for the expert advice of our experts regarding Invisalign aligners.