Root Canal Therapy

Is a root canal really so painful? You may have heard or overheard people saying this at least once in your life, right? You might be surprised by the truth.

The root canal solution has developed a terrifying reputation over the years. Why? Maybe it’s just a classic wives’ tale used to get the children into properly brushing their teeth. It does appear reasonable though, doesn’t it? Unlike typical beliefs, root canal treatment Root canal processis actually quite a pain-free process. It could even lower the pain and that’s one proven fact that not many of us understand.

Since you now know that there’s nothing to worry about, it’s time that you understand more about Root Canal.

The cavity in the root of the tooth is called a Root Canal. The delicate tissue beneath the tooth enamel is called the pulp. Your tooth will become prone to additional complications once the wellbeing of the pulp is compromised.

Root Therapy

When should I visit a dental professional?

  • Once the soreness in your tooth increases.. The tooth concerned becomes more sensitive to cold and hot temperatures
  • Once your tooth becomes poorly colored.
  • Irritation and swelling in the gums and adjoining area
  • The gum has an apparent and persistent “pimple”

Have you noticed one or more of the above signs? If yes, please don’t hesitate to let us know right away.

Why Pick Dr Anantuni in Chandler AZ?

We make full use of the finest technological innovations available today. In earlier times, it took numerous sessions to carry out a root canal solution, but now, it can be finished in a lot less than 1 hour.

Provided below is a step by step guide to our routine root canal:

  • The afflicted area is going to be numbed with the administration of a local anesthesia
  • The troublesome spot is disinfected
  • A filler is used to secure the contaminated region
  • The tooth is reconditioned with a crown

That’s it. To ensure that the repaired tooth is fully useful, only 4 fundamental easy steps are required.

Do not let tooth pain drive you up the wall! You can keep your smile. To learn more, make sure you visit in Chandler Arizona for a quick, easy and painless root canal.