General Dentistry

People often ignore abnormalities and disorders involving their teeth unless these become associated with pain and discomfort disturbing their daily life activities. Awareness about the importance of dental treatment needs has increased with the passage of time. People now have the knowledge about general dentistry procedures which can help them in restoring and saving their teeth at an early disease stage. Emphasis has been placed on the dental care and preventive strategy of infants and children to stop the spread of tooth decay as they grow old. Dr Sandhya Anantuni and her team of general dental professionals at Anantuni Family Dental focus upon the provision of general dentistry procedures to folks of Chandler Arizona in order to improve their quality of life and overall health.

General dentistry involves the history taking, examination, evaluation and assessment procedures leading to diagnosis, prevention and treatment planning regarding the abnormalities, disorders and diseases of the mouth and associated structures and how these General dentistry explanation moldwill influence the human body as a whole. It is a specialized art and science in its true essence. Certain systemic diseases can increase the likelihood of dental and supporting tissue diseases and a general dentist must keep these in mind during comprehensive history taking. Dr Sandhya Anantuni and her team put emphasis upon this aspect as diabetes is an important causative factor of periodontal diseases. On the other hand, a general dentist can be the first one to diagnose a systemic disease condition by observing their oral manifestations.

At Anantuni Family Dental state of the art general dentistry treatment procedures are instituted for improvement of your smile and functional capability. Pits and fissures sealants are provided for deep pits and fissures in your teeth as a preventive treatment modality at an affordable cost. It is best to arrest the occurrence of tooth decay as early as possible by getting restorations involving minimal intervention techniques. Caries control restorations help in achieving this goal. At Anantuni Family Dental latest equipment is used for caries diagnosis and prevention. Tooth colored fillings are provided involving the use of various types of dental composite resins. Fluoride releasing materials such as glass ionomer cements and resin modified glass ionomer cements are used in high caries risk areas in the mouth.

We, at Anantuni Family Dental in Chandler Arizona focus upon the best possible treatment options available for you. Atraumatic tooth extractions are performed whenever required under profound local analgesia. Special care is provided to child patients instituting the use of conscious sedation during removal of retained deciduous teeth. A thorough preventive regimen is provided along with counseling of the parents in order to prevent dental decay in infants and small children. Whenever it is indicated to save a milk tooth for continued growth of underlying permanent tooth, special pulpotomy and pulpectomy procedures are carried out by skilled dental professionals in our office.


Periodontal tissues are of vital importance for overall oral health and long life of natural teeth. Plaque accumulation due to poor oral hygiene maintenance can lead to formation of calculus and gum diseases. At Anantuni Family Dental, complete dental prophylaxis including thorough scaling and root planning procedures are performed using ultra sonic scaling and special designed curettes. Polishing is carried out following scaling of teeth. Oral cancer screening is another general dentistry procedure performed for early diagnosis and treatment. E4D CAD/CAM is used for chair side fabrication of crowns and bridges following successful root canal treatment procedure. We also provide high quality removable partial and complete dentures whenever you need.

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