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Tooth Extractions Chandler AZ

Modern dental treatment planning always focuses upon the avoidance of pulling out a tooth from its sockets. Minimal intervention is always recommended including saving a tooth through root canal procedures for the maximum time possible. However, certain conditions necessitate extraction of teeth for larger benefits and as part of a comprehensive treatment plan such as orthodontic treatment procedures. Dr Sandhya and her team of dental specialists at Anantuni Famliy Dental carry out atraumatic and pain free tooth extractions at the Chandler Arizona dental office using state of the art equipment and the latest techniques. Dental health care provision experience over the years shows that the following queries are frequently asked by the patients when they visit for a scheduled tooth extraction appointment.

Why I need to have my tooth removed for good?
Permanent teeth are always meant to be in our mouth for lifetime but certain disease conditions and accidents make them un-Tooth after it has been extractedrestorable and tooth extraction becomes essential. Among the most common reasons behind removal of teeth is crowding of teeth due to little space or loss of space. Underdevelopment of jaw bones gives little space to erupting teeth and results in crowding of teeth in the area and tooth extractions become necessary as part of orthodontic treatment to gain space for correction.

Now-a-days, children eat soft food and junk meals which can cause delayed retention of milk teeth in the mouth and such teeth need to be pulled out by the dentists. On the contrary, loss of a primary tooth early in life causes the adjacent tooth to move in its place thus hampering the eruption of its predecessor and loss of space.

Tooth Extractions

Severe tooth infection is another reason for carrying out tooth extractions when all tooth saving procedures fail. Commonly root canal procedures and medications suffice to resolve infection and inflammation of teeth. Perforation of roots of teeth and post treatment disease following a previous root canal treatment may also necessitate a tooth removal.

Immune compromised disease states such as in a patients undergoing organ transplant or receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy, pose a risk of infection in teeth. Such risk states indicate a prophylactic tooth removal. An unfortunate loosening and mobility of sound teeth occurs following an advanced gum disease or periodontal attachment loss, requiring a tooth extraction.

How much pain will I experience during tooth extraction?
A. Dr Sandhya Anantuni and her team at Anantuni Family Dental do tooth extractions in pain free and atraumatic conditions. Profound local anesthesia will be instituted for pain relief and complete assurance will be provided whenever necessary.

What procedure will be performed for my tooth removal?
Following complete history and examination, an informed consent will be taken for starting the procedure. Local anesthesia will be applied and checked for effectiveness. Surrounding gums will be gently retracted and separated from the tooth surface. In case of teeth lodged deep into bone such as for impacted wisdom molars, some tissue surgery and bone removal procedures become necessary. Diseased teeth will be pulled out in a most gentle manner using latest equipment.

What should be done after tooth removal?
Specific post care instructions will be provided to you at Anantuni Family Dental. You will be advised to keep damp gauze pinched in place of the removed tooth for half an hour and take cold water or ice cream after its removal. Refrain from vigorous rinsing and spitting. Do not take any liquid with a straw to prevent dislodgment of blood clot. Avoid hot and spicy foods.

What will happen if I get faint or undergo in an emergency state during tooth extraction?
Anantuni Family Dental is well-equipped with emergency medications and armamentarium in anticipation any medical emergency during procedures. Dr Sandhya Anantuni and her staff are certified to provide basic life support in case of an emergency. Glucose sources, inhalers for asthma patients and corticosteroids for required emergency states are always at hand.

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