Cosmetic Dentistry

Conventional dental treatment procedures focus upon the prevention of dental abnormalities, intervention and restoration of tooth defects, correction of functional mal-occlusions and replacement of missing and lost natural teeth. These procedures mainly put emphasis upon the required corrections in order to establish structure and function. Recent change in treatment provision approach has led to the evolution of emphasis upon the enhancement of beauty and facial esthetics as compared to functional restoration. People wish to achieve lively smiles through the modifications in their teeth and associated facial structures through the use of cosmetic esthetic dentistry procedures. Dr Sandhya Anantuni and her team of cosmetic dentists at Anantuni Family Dental in Chandler Arizona have got the required expertise and experience to provide you with state of the art cosmetic dentistry treatments in order to give you better feeling of confidence and self-esteem.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures have changed the whole scenario in dental sciences where the dental professionals choose and carry out treatment procedures on demand of their patients. Patient wishes are the top priority in the discipline of cosmetic dentistry. Necessary treatment procedures have been often replaced with elective and desired treatment options. However, cosmetic dentistry goes side by side with restorative dentistry. People now wish to avoid metallic and silver amalgam fillings due to their unaesthetic color and prefer placement of tooth colored restorations even in the area at the back of their mouth. People do not get convinced for silver amalgam fillings even in areas with high forces of mastication. The advent of cosmetic dentistry procedures have made people more conscious about their treatment options.

Dr Sandhya Anantuni and her team at Anantuni Family Dental uses the latest tooth colored dental materials for the restoration of your teeth. A comprehensive history and visual examination is carried out along with radiographic examination in some cases when required. Evaluation is done before the provision of cosmetic tooth colored fillings in teeth needing restorations. We provide dental composite resin fillings directly on teeth in the dental office and indirectly fabricated porcelain restorations as well. Teeth whitening procedure is among the most commonly performed cosmetic dental procedures at Anantuni Family Dental with excellent post treatment results. Dental professionals at Anantuni Family Dental can provide you both in office as well as at home bleaching of your discolored teeth especially medication induced deep stains. Smoking, coffee and tea induced discolorations and stains can be easily removed through scaling and polishing, prophylaxis and simple micro-abrasion procedures using acids.

Cosmetic dentistry utilizes the benefits of dental bonding in the restorations of broken, chipped, minimally damaged and cracked teeth. Veneers can be placed for the esthetic improvement of these teeth. Veneers cover the front surface of the teeth only conserving sound tooth structure as compared to dental crowns. These can be used to fill unaesthetic spaces between teeth such as in diastema cases. We provide both composite and Porcelain veneers for the facial correction of teeth at Anantuni Family Dental. Esthetic Inlays and Onlays fabricated from either composite or Porcelain is an important component of cosmetic dentistry procedures. These restorations show good long term results and esthetics.

Dental implants act as a structural and functional replacement of missing natural teeth and fill the gap left by missing teeth in the arch. The missing tooth space leaves an empty socket resulting in sagging of facial tissues of cheeks in the area. Dental implants are considered as part of cosmetic dentistry as this prosthesis fills the spaces and give a youthful appearance to the individual. Cosmetic dentistry team at Anantuni family Dental provides the patients with a comprehensive smile make over as well through careful treatment planning involving all above mentioned treatment options. A smile makeover leads to full mouth rehabilitation of all structural and functional problems associated with bite, facial muscles, dental hard tissues and bone.

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