An Honest Invisalign Review

September 16, 2023

An Honest Invisalign Review: What You REALLY Need to Know!

Hi! My name is Courtney, and I’ve been a patient for eight years at Anantuni Family Dental (AFD) in Chandler, Arizona. Fun fact: I am also the ghostwriter behind the AFD blog!

Dr. Anantuni had the awesome idea of letting me step out from behind the keyboard curtain to give patients an honest, no-nonsense Invisalign® review about my experience with it so far. Below, I’ll discuss the good, the unexpected, and everything in between.

Are you ready?! Let’s dive in!

What is Invisalign?

As we’ve talked about before, Invisalign® is an alternative to traditional metal braces. Invisalign® got its name from “invisible aligners” and has truly changed the game in the field of dentistry.


Clear aligners such as Invisalign® are far more comfortable to wear than metal braces. Since they are clear, most people feel more confident in their smile while they’re wearing Invisalign® as opposed to braces, which can make people feel embarrassed and they are impossible to hide.

Looking beyond the cosmetic benefits, Invisalign® is an effective treatment for correcting many dental issues including overbite, underbite, gaps between teeth, and crowded teeth — just to name a few!

An Invisalign review from a patient.

Dr. Anantuni recommended Invisalign to me because of the crowding of my teeth, which were worsening with age. She explained that if I didn’t pursue aligners now, it could possibly lead to way more extensive and invasive dental treatments later in life.

That got my attention!

Here’s my experience so far.


Financially, physically, and mentally. I sort of knew this going into it because I watched my husband go through the process as well as a few close friends.

Luckily, you’re not in this alone and there are tools you can take advantage of to help you on your Invisalign journey. Here are the things that help me stick to this commitment:

- Great financing options that work with my budget

- The Invisalign app helps me track everything I need

- The unmatched support of Dr. Anantuni and her staff. They’ve been available and incredibly helpful with my many questions!

- Seeing results after only a few months

It adds steps to your day.

Admittedly, as a busy working mom who also runs a business, I was a little miffed by this in the beginning. Removing the aligners before eating, cleaning them, brushing/flossing, and putting them back on, definitely takes time and adds steps to my day.

But, like any new habit, within a few weeks, I got used to it and I found a routine that works for me.

You’ll take THE BEST care of your teeth.

I’ve never taken better care of my teeth in my life! Personally, I’m paranoid about food particles being stuck in my teeth and then being trapped in the aligners. So I’ve upped the ante with basic brushing and flossing, my oral health has never been better!

You’ll feel a little lispy…

… but it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds in your own head. The way our voice sounds to us is not the same voice projected that other people are hearing. Your “lisp” is not nearly as pronounced to others as you hear it.

Practice reading out loud for the first month or so to get your tongue used to the aligners. This practice may also boost your confidence in public speaking!

Your relationship with food and eating may change…

… for the better! Before Invisalign, I was a snack-a-holic.

With Invisalign, because of the aforementioned steps of removing the aligners to eat, I am now very selective of when and what I’m eating. Is it worth “taking out my teeth?”

I’ve developed better eating habits such as eating three solid meals a day and passing up snacks. I’ve realized that I usually want snacks because I’m bored or stressed — not because I’m actually hungry. This was a huge realization for me!

It’s not painful, but it can be uncomfortable.

When I first started Invisalign, something I noticed immediately was the buttons on my teeth. They are a bit sharp! So when eating, they scrapped the inside of my mouth. It wasn’t bleeding or anything like that, but that tissue had to toughen up to those buttons.

Also, like with metal braces, your teeth are shifting. Your actual bones are moving! This doesn’t always feel great, but it’s tolerable.

Our bodies are amazing!

Yup, this one is huge. Our bodies are far more resilient than we often give them credit for. To watch my teeth shift before my eyes (well, slowly anyway!) is just really cool to see! And it feels good to know that this slightly uncomfortable treatment now is setting my future self up for better oral health.


Is Invisalign a commitment that adds steps to your day and can be uncomfortable at times?


Is it worth it?!

100% YES!

It’s been motivating to take better care of my teeth and watch my teeth straighten and shift. After all, the best investments we make are the ones we make in ourselves.

Love Your Smile at Anantuni Family Dental

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