Anantuni Family Dental’s 4th Quarter Community Outreach

December 20, 2023

AFD is proud to partner with two organizations doing incredible service in our community: We Are Love Society & Street Lights, and The Junior League of Phoenix

By acts of danam (charity), we show generosity and compassion. Compassion for others is too often missing in the world. I choose to be compassionate and help others whenever I can. In my practice, I share my compassion with others by caring for them and their dental health. By engaging with my community, I share my compassion with the world around me. It’s a small thing that makes the world a better place. 

I’m not just the principal dentist at Anantuni Family Dental; I’m also the business owner. As a woman-owned business, I realize the impact and the responsibility I have in our community to encourage other women. So when we have the opportunity to support organizations that help women, I am always willing to put our resources to work. 

One issue that caught my attention, and which I believe needs more attention, is female victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking. Sometimes, it’s easy to live in the bubble of our busy lives. Human trafficking is a global issue, and it’s a massive problem — yet, when we’re in our own bubble, it’s hard to realize and understand that these horrific things are happening in our own communities. 

Compelled to help these women who’ve escaped from this traumatic abuse, I am so proud to partner with the We Are Love Society. For the months of October, November, and December of this year, we will be donating items for their “Love Bags.” Love Bags are bags full of hygiene and personal care products that are given to women and girls who are victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking. These girls, these young women, need to have something that belongs to them. Access to hygiene and small personal items is something most of us take for granted. There’s a great need to support young women in our community, so I jumped in. Sharing my love; our office’s love with these young women is something that moves me.

Another part of our recent community outreach is our donation to The Junior League of Phoenix, which is another incredible organization operated by women. A patient actually introduced us to The Junior League. The Drive-Thru Touch-A-Truck event is awesome because it connects the people to the amazing first-responders who support and work hard for their community!  


There’s nothing more exciting than seeing the kids’ reactions when the fire truck or police car sound their alarm! It also introduces kids to these noises and sights, which helps kids feel safe and protected around first responders and community workers. Sharing resources with The Junior League is a good fit for us because it is a holistic community-driven organization. Nutrition, exercise, STEM education, hunger, and homeless issues — these are all things that impact our community and need attention.

If you’re interested in donating items for We Are Love Society, our office is a drop off location for the following: 

4th Quarter Community Outreach

I’m so grateful for the support we’ve received from the Anantuni Family Dental community in our charity collections. I’m excited to plan for expanding our community outreach next year. We’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestions on community outreach programs we can partner with. Click below to call or email our office. 

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