Chairside Composite Veneers

July 21, 2023

What Are Chairside Composite Veneers?

True to their name, “chairside veneers” are crafted while the patient is still in the chair. Dr. Anantuni has been using injection molding techniques to gift Arizona patients with award-winning smiles for the past year. The injection molding technique helps eliminate errors and sculpt teeth that are perfect in size, shape, and color. This type of veneer offers different benefits than porcelain veneers, which often require partial removal of the tooth’s structure.

Top 4 Benefits of Chairside Veneers

Anantuni Family Dental has witnessed the happy smiles on our patients’ faces over the past year as we use this new dental technology. Chairside veneers are a non-invasive cosmetic procedure with four essential benefits:

1. Same-Day Results

Dr. Anantuni corrects the size, shape, and color of patients’ teeth while they are still in the chair. The sculpting is performed in-office, so there is no need to send anything to the lab.

2. A Pain-Free Process

This conservative cosmetic procedure is entirely pain-free. The patient does not require any anesthesia or numbing, and the tooth structure remains intact!

3. Immediately Resume Normal Activities

Patients can immediately consume their favorite foods and beverages. There is no downtime or recovery period, so you are free to pick up where you left off.

4. Enhanced Smile and Confidence Levels

Chairside veneers help create the perfect smile and increase confidence. Correct the size, shape, and color of your teeth while eliminating gaps!

Chairside veneers constructed with the injection molding technique provide an innovative solution to dental issues like decay, decalcification, discoloration, and oddly shaped teeth. However, only certain patients are candidates for them. 

Who is a Candidate for Chairside Veneers?

Patients must complete impending corrective dental work before receiving chairside veneers. Straightened teeth are essential to the process since crowding prevents correcting the size and shape of the teeth. Thus, patients who do not need orthodontic treatment or have already completed it may benefit from them. 

For example, sometimes corrective dental work like Invisalign® leaves small gaps between the teeth that look like black triangles. Previously, the few ways to correct this issue were all invasive. However, the injection molding technique provides a side-effect-free solution that fills in the gaps. Patients without black triangles or other dental problems do not need chairside veneers. 

Perfect Your Smile at Anantuni Family Dental

Anantuni Family Dental specializes in the injection molding technique to create aesthetically pleasing smiles. With chairside composite veneers, patients in Chandler, Arizona can have the smile they long for. Top benefits include same-day results, a pain-free and minimally invasive process, no downtime, and perfectly shaped teeth that radiate a confident smile!

Are you curious about chairside veneers? Find out if you are a candidate for this pain-free procedure by contacting Anantuni Family Dental at 480-821-4000!

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