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July 21, 2023

Welcome to Anantuni Family Dental

Hello, and welcome to our new dental blog! 

My name is Dr. Sandhya Anantuni and I am the principal dentist of Anantuni Family Dental. Located in sunny Chandler, Arizona, we proudly offer our patients a variety of dental services from the age of five and up.

I’m excited to share this blog with you as a way to help educate our patients on the latest technologies and techniques in dentistry, as well as share more about the amazing team here at Anantuni Family Dental. We are proud to be a top dental provider in Chandler, and we’re passionate about giving back to our community. 

Upon arriving at our office, you might notice a theme of peacocks. There are many reasons for this. For one, they are the national bird of India. They represent beauty and pride, which I believe is how your smile should represent you. Peacocks are also a symbol of good mental health because when you look at one, you feel calm and joy. I know that not everyone feels calm coming to the dentist’s office, so I try to infuse our environment with relaxing cues.  

 As the face and founder of Anantuni Family Dental, I strive to be of service both inside and out of my dental practice. As a perpetual student, I’m always learning more so that I can offer more to my patients. Just the other night, for example, I had trouble falling asleep so I hopped on an Invisalign implant webinar. I always push myself to learn more, because the more I learn, the more I can help people feel confident with their smile.   

Technology in dentistry is something that I’m passionate about. I am not much for shopping and extraneous purchases, but when it comes to the newest dental equipment and technology — well, let’s just say my team knows when I’ve been “shopping” for the practice! I love learning about the latest technologies because not only do they make our jobs easier and more efficient, but they can also make office visits better and more comfortable for our patients. 

Despite the proud peacocks throughout the office, I am actually not one for the spotlight. My team jokes that it takes a lot of work for them to get me in photos and things like that. I am simply more comfortable having one-on-one conversations with my patients. 

With that said, it’s time to turn the spotlight away from me so that you can get to know a bit more about my incredibly talented and professional team: 

  • Shivani, Dental Assistant

I’ve been at Anantuni Family Dental since June. What I enjoy most is working beside Dr. Anantuni and each of the ladies. They are hardworking and motivated. They care about our patients by making sure they are comfortable and getting the best service possible during their appointments. Watching Dr. Anantuni work inspires me to continue my pursuit of becoming a dentist. 

Anantuni Family Dental provides a range of services, all of which I believe are important when it comes to maintaining oral health. While it is hard to choose just one, I think one service that helps contribute to overall oral health is Invisalign. Invisalign helps properly align patients' teeth to help them achieve their best smiles. Beyond the aesthetics, the results lead to a proper bite and an easier way of brushing and flossing, which can help prevent any further issues from developing. 

  • Wanda, Lead Clinical Assistant

I’ve been with Dr. Anantuni for almost two years, but I have decades of experience in the dental industry. What I enjoy most about dentistry is helping people achieve better oral health. I’m also fascinated by the changes in technology, and what it enables dentists to do now. Personally, I don’t think one procedure or service we offer is more important than another. The importance is determined by the unique needs of each individual patient.

  • Kathy, Dental Assistant

I rejoined Anantuni Family Dental in September after a year-long break. I returned to this office because I appreciate how “Dr. A” cares about what she does and how she treats patients and staff.

I love my career because I enjoy seeing patients happy and confident with their smile again, which can oftentimes be achieved with either dentures or full-mouth implants.  

  • Cammielle, Patient Treatment Coordinator

 October is my work-iversary month, I've been here for 1 year!  Dr. Anantuni is the main reason why I work here. Her work ethic and compassion for patients is amazing. She makes the team better by her example and provides the best of care to her patients.

 We offer many treatments for patients. Personally, I am really seeing the benefits of Invisalign! It's amazing how adjusting the bite and realigning teeth can help patients. As an Invisalign patient, I have noticed it's easier to floss where my teeth were crowded - I also didn't realize how much I was grinding and hitting my teeth against each other!  Dr. A makes the process simple to start — and her new Itero 5D scanner can really clearly show patients their dental health!

  • Kat Fike, Dental Assistant/Scheduling

 I’ve been working with Anantuni Family Dental for over a year. What I like most about working here is that it truly feels like a family. I’m learning a lot, and I love being silly with my coworkers!

 In my opinion, the most important dental service we provide is a tie between oral sleep appliances and Invisalign. For people with sleep apnea, an oral sleep appliance makes a huge difference in their everyday life by improving the quality of sleep, which can help decrease blood pressure and improve the overall well being of a person. Invisalign is right up there though — usually, when people think of Invisalign they only think about straightening the teeth. They don’t always think of correcting malocclusion to prevent broken teeth, abfractions, or stress fractures. Invisalign can also help improve TMJ discomfort. These are just a few benefits, but Invisalign does so much more than just straighten teeth! 

  • Gina, Front Office Coordinator

 I started at Anantuni Family Dental in June. What I like most about working here is the nature of the office. Everyone is so kind and it is more like a family. Of course, the doctor plays the biggest role. Dr. Anantuni has a kind soul and great chairside manners with our patients. I feel good about what I do, knowing our patients are in the best hands! Also, our office is up to date with all the newest state of the art technology.

 In my opinion, the best service we provide is 4 or 6-month dental hygiene appointments. Coming to these checkups and cleanings not only keeps our patients’ mouths healthy but also the entire body since it is a systemic connection. These checkups can help prevent tooth decay and protect against periodontal disease, which can lead to tooth and bone loss.

As my team can attest, we are all passionate and dedicated to dentistry and to helping each and every patient with their oral health. Please feel free to contact the office with any questions or to schedule your next visit. We all look forward to seeing you in the office soon!  

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