The Process of Getting Porcelain Crowns: What to Expect

December 20, 2023

A common and efficient method for repairing broken or discolored teeth is porcelain crowns in Chandler. It's normal to have concerns regarding the procedure if you're getting porcelain crowns as a dental procedure. Here we'll take you step-by-step through the crown procedure for acquiring porcelain crowns and explain what to anticipate at each step.

Initial Consultation and Examination

The first consultation with your dentist marks the beginning of the process for porcelain crowns. Your dentist will inspect your teeth, listen to your concerns, and decide if porcelain crowns are the best for you. To help with the process, dentists could take X-rays or impressions of your teeth.

Treatment Planning and Tooth Preparation

The following phase involves treatment planning and tooth preparation if dentists find that porcelain crowns are the best option for you. Your dentist will go through the details of your new crowns, including their size, color, and shape. Your dentist will carefully remove a small piece of enamel so that the crown can easily fit your teeth.

Impression and Temporary Crown Placement

Using dental putty or digital scanning technology, impressions of your teeth will be taken after tooth preparation. Your personalized porcelain crowns are made using this impression. Your dentist will apply temporary crowns to cover your prepared teeth and preserve their appearance and functionality while the permanent crowns are being made in a dental laboratory.

Crown Fabrication

Your teeth's impressions will be used to create your porcelain crowns by skilled dental technicians in a dental laboratory. The dental crowns go through the fabrication process, which usually takes a few weeks, to precisely match the size, shape, and color of natural teeth.

Final Crown Placement

You will need to visit your dentist's office for the final placement after your porcelain crowns are prepared. Following the removal of the temporary crowns, the permanent crowns should be meticulously fitted and adjusted to guarantee an exact and cozy fit. To achieve natural-looking teeth, your dentist will assess the aesthetics and make any required revisions. The crowns will be securely cemented to your teeth once you and your dentist are pleased with the fit and appearance.

Post-Placement Care and Follow-up

Your dentist will give you post-placement care recommendations after placing your porcelain crowns. Practice good oral hygiene, brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist on time. Porcelain crowns are sturdy, but to extend the life of dental crowns, they should be maintained properly.

Feel Comfortable With The Best Dental Crown Service

From the initial consultation to the last step of implantation, getting porcelain crowns entails several processes. You can go for dental crowns confidently if you understand the procedure and know what to expect at each stage. For the best outcomes, remember to be upfront with your dentist, ask any questions you may have, and follow their recommendations. With porcelain crowns, you can enhance dental functioning, improve your smile, and gain the advantages of stunning and long-lasting dental repair. Contact Anantuni Family Dental in Chandler for more information.

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