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Loss of natural teeth from the dental arches leads to the formation of gaps in that segment. Gap formation imparts an unpleasant sight to the overall facial appearance and person’s esthetic profile. Fixed replacement prosthesis in the form of dental bridges is the treatment of choice in most cases as it involves no surgical treatment phase like in dental implants and is considered cost-effective. It fills the gap created by the missing teeth restoring structure, function, phonetics and esthetics. Dr. Sandhya Anantuni and her team at Anantuni Family Dental have been providing state of the art dental bridges as a replacement of missing teeth to the people of Chandler Arizona for more than a decade with excellent results. People have various questions whenever they need dental bridge prosthesis to fill the empty spaces in the mouth.

What are dental bridges?
Dental bridges are composed of multiple crowns interconnected for filling the gap left by lost or missing natural teeth. Dental crowns How dental bridges are installed are placed on both sides of the missing teeth and an artificial tooth is in the place of empty socket. This artificial tooth is termed as pontic while adjacent supporting teeth are known as abutments in dental terminology.

Can anyone get a dental bridge easily?
Dental bridges acquire their support and strength from adjacent healthy natural teeth or abutments. Dr Sandhya Anantuni and her staff at Anantuni Family Dental will assess all factors before opting for dental bridge restoration. It is necessary to include adequate abutments with good periodontal status in the bridge to bear mastication forces and loads. Sometimes, periodontal therapy and root canal treatment is necessary before planning dental bridges. Dental implants are often employed also for achieving adequate support for long span bridges. Oral hygiene maintenance on part of the person receiving dental bridges is of prime importance.

What are the various types of dental bridges?
Diverse type and techniques of dental bridges can be provided by Dr Sandhya Anantuni at Anantuni Family Dental depending upon the requirements of patients. The most common and simplest type of dental bridges is the conventional bridges made from porcelain or porcelain fused to metals. Conventional bridge design involves abutment teeth on either side of a false pontic tooth. However, in cases with little loads as in front parts of the mouth support from one side of a bridge can be adequate. Such bridges which get one sided abutment support are the cantilever bridges.

Dental Criown

Recent trends towards conservative and minimal intervention dentistry have given rise to a new type of dental bridges. These resin bonded bridges are very popular these days as these require minimum preparation and removal of tooth structure. Resin bonded bridges can utilize patients own teeth if available by cutting down the root portion and cementing the crown between teeth. These bridges can also use artificial teeth attached between two natural teeth.

What will be the procedure to get the dental bridge?
Dental bridges are most often fabricated from the dental laboratory on the basis of the impression of teeth and missing spaces recorded by the dentist at Anantuni Family Dental. The impression is sent with appropriate instructions to the dental laboratory technician. State-of-the-art constructed dental bridge is then cemented in the mouth on the next visit.

Can I get a dental bridge in one visit?
Most dental bridge cases take at least two visits as these involve dental laboratory work. Dr Sandhya Anantuni and her staff at Anantuni Family Dental are equipped with the latest E4D CAD/CAM chair side system which can take impression and prepare the dental bridge restoration on the same visit. This E4D CAD/CAM chair side system can save ample time period and difficulty of multiple visits.

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