Scaling and Root Planning

Good oral hygiene maintenance is the key to long term retention of teeth and overall well-being and health of any person. Neglected oral hygiene conditions can result in the occurrence of local as well as systemic diseases. Gum infections, periodontal diseases, bone disorders, cardiac problems as well as stroke can occur in patients with poor oral health status. Dr Sandhya Anantuni and her staff advise you to undergo regular general dental check up visits for the assessment and evaluation of the need of required dental cleaning procedures. At Anantuni Family Dental a thorough history and complete examination aided by essential radiographs are performed during dental health care assessment. Patients with poor oral hygiene conditions are advised about prevention of diseases and various required treatment procedures such as scaling of teeth and root planning.

In order to maintain optimum health of gums and teeth, sequential periodontal therapy is planned at Anantuni Family Dental. The whole therapy involves non-surgical and surgical treatment steps. Surgical treatment procedures are carried out rarely when disease state goes to an advanced stage. Non-surgical treatment procedures involve scaling and root planning which constitute the mainstream of periodontal therapy. These are aided with the use of chemotherapeutic agents such as special tooth paste formulations, mouth rinses and mouth washes to combat bacteria damaging your gums and teeth. These chemical solutions can be used before, during and after the administration of scaling and root planning of teeth.

Scaling of teeth is basically a specialized cleaning method carried out by expert dental professionals at Anantuni Family Dental in order to completely remove the deposits of tartar and calculus from the surface of teeth. The tartar deposits tenaciously adhere to the exposed tooth surfaces as well as below the gums providing a niche for more bacteria to grow in numbers. Normal tooth brushing techniques cannot satisfactorily remove these deposits and institution of an ultra sonic scaling technique performed professionally at the dental office is required. In certain conditions, scaling procedure alone fails to remove all deposits especially from the hidden area below the gums and surface of the cementum and more advanced non-surgical procedures such as root planning are required.


Scaling and Root Planing in Chandler AZ

Root planning procedure involves the thorough removal of remaining parts of tartar or calculus deposits on the surfaces of roots along with portions of infected cementum. Root planning produces a smooth, clean and hard root surface which does not allow bacteria to harbor causing further infections. Scaling and root planning differ basically due to the fact that no cementum is removed in scaling which is the case with root planning. Various objectives and benefits of scaling and root planning are,

Reduction in the number of bacteria and microbes harboring tooth surfaces and gums,
Reduction in the number of periodontal disease causing microorganisms,
Shift in the oral flora from harmful pathogens to beneficial species,
Reduction in the occurrence of bleeding gums,
Elimination of pathological pockets between teeth and gums,
Establishment of the lost connection between gums and teeth as a result of periodontal diseases known as clinical attachment gain,

Scaling and root planning procedures are performed with the help of various instruments. Most often scaling is carried out using ultrasonic tips in high speed hand pieces. Manual procedures of scaling and root planning are indicated in some cases. Sickle shaped scalers are designed for removal of hard calculus deposits on exposed tooth surfaces while curettes are indicated for cleaning root surface debris below the gums. Dr Sandhya Anantuni and her team of dental professionals at Anantuni Family Dental use all the instruments in a combination to achieve maximum beneficial results for the patients. If you experience bleeding gums, yellowing of teeth due to tartar deposits and bad smell from mouth owing to poor oral hygiene, you are definitely in need of scaling and root planning of your teeth. Visit us at Anantuni family dental located at 5590 W Chandler Blvd #1, Chandler, AZ 85226, call us today at 480-821-4000 or visit our website for scheduling an appointment regarding scaling and root planning of your teeth.

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