The Waterlase iPlus Laser: The Technology Behind Quick & Painless Dental Procedures

February 22, 2023

As you may recall from our first blog, Dr. Anantuni loves to shop. No, we’re not talking about shopping sprees at Chandler Fashion Mall — rather, Dr. Anantuni has always invested in the latest tech to install at Anantuni Family Dental, and she continues to do so. She is passionate about learning the latest technological advances in dentistry, especially if it will provide a better experience for her patients. 

It shouldn’t be a surprise then that Anantuni Family Dental recently installed a Waterlase iPlus laser. The Waterlase is a minimally invasive dental laser system that allows dentists to repair multiple oral tissues, including teeth and gums. According to Biolast, the Waterlase iPlus laser is the best-selling laser on the market for advanced all-tissue repair. Check out this video to learn more and to see the laser in action. 

“Waterlase is a tool that uses water and laser energy to perform hard and soft tissue procedures, including fillings, root canals, biopsies, and gum recontouring,” said Dr. Avadhani. “It also has the ability to address deep periodontal pockets. Waterlase has been proven to stimulate bone growth. It’s a multifaceted tool that can be used in many dental procedures.” 

Dr. Avadhani explained how the Waterlase oftentimes removes the requirement for anesthesia beyond a topical anesthetic, which is a major benefit for patients who may be sensitive to anesthesia — especially children. 

“We had an eight-year-old patient with an irritation-related growth on his gumline. We were able to use the Waterlase to remove the growth, without the use of anesthesia. Plus, the Waterlase promotes faster and easier healing in most tissues so the recovery time is shortened.” 

Imagine the relief for this child and his parents to have this dental work performed without anesthesia and with a quick recovery period. While other methods could have been used to remove this growth, it would not have been as fast or as gentle as using the Waterlase. 

In using the Waterlase for dental procedures, there are several benefits for patients of all ages who experience a variety of oral health issues. They include: 

  • For most procedures, no deep numbing or anesthetic is required (i.e. shots and needles). Typically, only a topical anesthetic is needed.  
  • For root canals, using the Waterlase lessens the risk of infection by using laser energy.
  • It makes several dental procedures quick and painless compared to traditional methods. 
  • Patients experience less bleeding from surgical procedures. 
  • The laser energy promotes a faster healing and recovery period. 
  • Even though it’s a laser technology, the Waterlase produces almost no heat. 

Ultimately, the goal for the dentists and hygienists at Anantuni Family Dental is to provide an exceptional and comfortable patient experience. It’s unrealistic to avoid any dental procedures throughout your life, so Dr. Anantuni and her staff strive to make them as quick and as painless as possible. 

Have you had your 6-month oral health checkup? If not, here’s your reminder to please reach out to the office so we can get you scheduled.  

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