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Dental veneers can enhance your smile value

Monday, August 31   Posted in Uncategorized  by admin  Tagged #Chandler dentists, #Cosmetic dental treatments, #Dental veneers 

Dental Veneers

Cosmetic dental treatments aim at restoring discolored, stained, unsightly, mal-aligned, chipped and damaged teeth which become the reason for decreasing the attraction of your smiles. People wish to have whiter and brighter teeth in order to achieve beautiful smiles. Chandler dentists are providing state of the art cosmetic treatments to patients visiting their clinics and offices for masking unsightly tooth abnormalities. Simple scaling and polishing procedures are most popular among people for the removal of external tooth surface stains resulting from excessive coffee and tea consumption. However, tenacious and deep stains which are resistant to

simple scaling procedures are best removed with the help of teeth whitening and bleaching techniques. These teeth whitening procedures employ specially formulated solutions and gels for achieving optimum results. In spite of the availability of these specialized solutions and techniques, deep intrinsic stains and fractured teeth can only be corrected with the help of invasive restorative procedures.

Conventional restorative procedures for masking deep stains and chipped off teeth include full coverage crowns prosthesis which necessitates removal of natural sound tooth structure for adequate stability in the mouth. Modern dentistry presents dental veneers which are minimally invasive in nature and can achieve adequate stability and retention over the surfaces of teeth without removal or minimal reduction of natural teeth. Dental veneers basically restore the front surfaces of teeth affected with deep stains or trauma. These restorations generally need no tooth structure removal in most cases and are bonded to the acid treated tooth surfaces like simple fillings. Porcelain material is most commonly used by Chandler dentists in the fabrication of these veneers which is highly polished, smooth and can be easily cleaned with the help of regular tooth brushing. This material does not allow easy development of dental plaque bio-film and is considered as one of the best treatment modalities in the present era. It is available in various shades and can be selected for wide range of patients.

Using thin layers of porcelain, veneers can be used to address a number of common issues, including gaps, cracks, chips, and stains. Depending upon each patient’s needs, Drs. Haggard and Haggard will recommend the specific type of porcelain veneer that can best meet the patient’s expectations. If a patient wants to conceal uneven or crooked teeth, classic pressed veneers can make the teeth look straighter and brighter using a stain-resistant material. Bella! veneers are crafted with an opalescent porcelain to blend in seamlessly with the patient’s smile for an inconspicuous restoration. “Elite veneers often provide the most life-like results,” says Dr. Ann Haggard, “since these restorations are handcrafted by highly trained ceramicists and carefully combine opaque and translucent layers of porcelain, mimicking the development of a natural tooth.”

“While porcelain veneers can benefit many patients,” says Dr. Marcus Haggard, “the popular cosmetic procedure does have its limitations.” Patients who frequently play contact sports, grind their teeth, or clench their jaw may not be ideal candidates for porcelain veneers since these actions increase the likelihood of damaging the restoration. In addition, the cost of porcelain veneers can be a deterrent for some patients. However, to help as many patients as possible achieve their dream of a beautiful smile, the Houston dentists offer a number of financing options at their practice. For most of their patients, the benefits of porcelain veneers far outweigh the limitations and offer a fast and easy solution for rejuvenating stained, misaligned, or damaged teeth.